Original Art

Art, painting, sketching, hand lettering and molding clay pieces are all things I absolutely love. Here you will find a wide variety of styles and pieces with each medium. These are all original works of art and not prints. For each order, I paint them by hand and after each purchase. Each will vary slightly due to this; it's all part of the process. I am looking into offering prints at a lower price, but at this time, I still prefer to hand paint for each order.
Generally, the costs for a painted canvas is $5/linear inch (example: 16x20" canvas piece is 36 linear inches, multiplied by $5). Some of the pieces will be more and sometimes they will be less, depending on detail, lettering involved and types of art. 
If you see something that you love but would like it a bit more personal for you, please don't ever hesitate to email me. I absolutely love custom orders and would be delighted to create a new piece of art for you!