Custom Inspirational Quote with Doodle Art

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Commission your own custom artwork!

This is a huge 36x48" wrapped canvas.

Order your own custom wall art with your desired text. Art is divided into 4 seamless sections with a galaxy design transitioning to the sky, the earth, and then the ocean.

This is a custom set! Pictured items are examples of artwork previously commissioned and sold.
If you would like to order a custom piece, please fill out the order form with the colors of your choice (silver, gold or bronze accents) and the short text you would like and place your order. Once I receive it, I will contact you with the details and vision for your artwork and send photos along the way. Your painting will not ship until you have approved the piece. If you would like a size other than the listed 36x48" canvas, we can absolutely make that happen. Custom artwork prices are generally $5/linear inch (height + width x $5). Other pieces shown in the photos are available for custom order as well.