In the Air Tonight

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In the Air Tonight
One time I was having a ridiculously stressful day and a friend texted me one of the sweetest messages I have ever received. She told me that no matter what happens or what tries to knock me down, to remember that I kick more tail than the drum solo in Phil Collins's In the Air Tonight. I will never forget that message because as a serious music lover, I completely appreciate just exactly how awesome that drum solo is! She got married later that year and for her wedding gift, I created this piece for her. I knew that it would be special for her and I hope that I can create you a piece that would be just as special for you!

If you have another song or lyric that you would like painted on canvas, just go ahead and place your order now! Please write the lyric, poem or quote that you would like in the order notes and I will make it happen for you! No custom paintings will ship until you have seen it and approved it, so you have nothing to worry about!

11x14 black canvas with white chalkboard style calligraphy. 

If you would like a size other than the listed 11x14" canvas, we can absolutely make that happen. Custom artwork prices are generally $5/linear inch (height + width x $5). Other pieces shown in the photos are available for custom order as well.